ARGALI Rincon 2P Half Insert
ARGALI Rincon 2P Half Insert
ARGALI Rincon 2P Half Insert
ARGALI Rincon 2P Half Insert
ARGALI Rincon 2P Half Insert

ARGALI Rincon 2P Half Insert

Half Size Tent Insert
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The Argali Rincon 2P Half Insert fits inside the ARGALI Rincon 2P tent to provide full double wall coverage for half of the tent, providing a comfortable enclosed sleeping area for one person (half of the tent) and leaving the other half of the tent available as a large vestibule area for cooking, gear and sitting. With the half insert attached, the other half of the tent that can be used in conjuction with the ARGALI Skyline Ti Wood Stove for cold weather camping to create a warm dry one person shelter.

The Rincon Half Insert features our innovative quick connect design making connecting, setting up and getting the pitch right easy and fast. The Rincon Half Insert is designed to be a "floating" bathtub floor, which allows for greater versatility when pitching in slightly uneven terrain. 

The Rincon Half Insert is designed to easily and quickly connect to the ARGALI Rincon 2P Tent via 4 lightweight sliding wiregate caribiners that clip into sewn-in pieces of cord on the inside corners of the tent and the door paracord guy-outs.


  • Space for One Person - Comfortably sleeps one person
  • Full U Shaped Zipper - The large door opening that runs close to the ground makes getting in and out easy.
  • Quick Connect Setup - Quickly and easily connect the Insert to the Tent via sliding caribiners and a line - loc adjuster for fast and easy setup.
  • Floating Bathtub Floor - The quick connect setup allows for the floor to "float", which creates a tighter pitch in slightly uneven terrain.


  • Fabric - 15D lightweight mesh (canopy)/40D Nylon 6.6 (floor)
  • Weight - 507 grams (17.9 oz)
  • Peak Height - 137 cm (54")
  • Length - 246 cm (97")
  • Width - 102,8 cm (40.5")
  • Packed size - 20,3 cm x 12,7 cm (8"x5")


With the ARGALI Rincon 2P Tent already set up, connect the wiregate caribines to the inside corners of one side of the Rincon Tent (the side without a stove jack). Once the corners are connected, with the door facing the center of the tent, connect the two remaining carabiners to the paracord on the doors. Open up the insert door and place the center pole inside the top cone on the half insert, and then connect the top cones of the insert and the tent inside of each other. Place the bottom of the pole on the circular shaped fabric reinforcement on the half insert. Once the pole is properly in place, close the zipper door and snug up the bathtub floor by pulling the paracord attached to the line-loc adjusters on the corners of the half insert. 

What's Included

  • Rincon 2P Half Insert
  • Stuff Sack

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