Shipping to the UK, Norway and Switzerland

Unfortunately our automatic check-out only works for customers from EU-countries and if you are located in the UK, Norway or Switzerland the system will say your address is invalid when you are trying to proceed thru check-out.
But don't worry, we will help you to get your order from GearFex!


Here is how it works:
  1. Create an account at -> and make sure to add your shipping address to the account as well.
  2. Email us a list with the items you would like to order, including size, color and quantity. Send the email to (
  3. We will enter your items and send you a draft order confirmation to your email. 
  4. You can check the order again and confirm by selecting "Complete Your Purchase" in the email. This will take you back to your account in our web-shop where you can proceed thru check-out and select your payment method.
  5. After payment is confirmed your order will be processed and sent. 
Conditions for sales outside the EU (to the UK, Norway and Switzerland):
  • Prices:
    • We charge you all goods at NET price (so without VAT)
    • Note: The prices (in GBP, NOK or CHF) you see on when visiting the site from your country are already NET prices.
  • Minimum order quantity:
    • for the UK is 135 GBP
    • for Norway is 3000 NOK
    • for Switzerland is 65 CHF
  • Shipping Cost (we normally ship with DHL):
    • to the UK is 20 GBP
    • to Norway is 300 NOK
    • to Switzerland is 25 CHF
  • Importing Costs: You will be charged customs duty and VAT by your customs office when the goods are delivered to your country.
  • We always point out that the costs for return shipments to GearFex are generally to be paid by the customer ( 
  • Returning products from a non-EU country involves an export (on your side) and re-import (on our side) and can be a longer process
  • Because of this we kindly ask your when ordering clothes from our store, to study the size chart carefully and always feel free to contact us directly in case of uncertainty about sizes or other features of the products! We will do our best to find the right size and model for you and help to avoid any unnecessary returns.


We strive to deliver best service to all our customers in Europe and transparency of the process for shipments outside the EU is very important to us.

If you need any further assistance with an order or have additional questions, please contact us at