37.5 Technology

Distilled into one sentence, 37.5 technology helps the hunter to cool down quicker when hot, to warm up quicker when cold and at the same time it helps dramatically to reduce the odor released by the human body.

37.5 active particles are embedded into the fiber and help on a large scale to adsorb humidity that is released by the human body through sweat, and to push the moisture towards the outside of the fabric layer. The more layers of clothing with 37.5 activated fibers are used the more moisture wicking performance is achieved. This is the perfect symbiosis with the natural characteristics of merino wool and the layering kits of First Lite will help the hunter in many ways:

  • 37.5 helps to keep the body closer to an ideal 37.5°C body temperature through dynamic thermoregulation.
  • 37.5 helps to remove moisture much faster which results in less sweating and reduces the amount of moisture presented for bacteria (odor) and also helps reduce human scent.
  • 37.5 helps the piece of clothing that is worn to dry much faster which saves body energy otherwise needed to do so. As a result by keeping the body at a more balanced temperature at all times the physical performance can be increased significantly.