Merino Wool

Due to the versatility of their wool coat, sheep have the incredible ability to adapt to a large range of different climatic circumstances. Merino sheep in particular grow some of the finest and softest wool and we couldn’t be more thankful to mother nature for this material that we use for our base and midlayer clothing. Merino wool offers unmatched comfort next to skin and it is also the most natural and healthy material to wear as first layer on your skin. This fabric will help you stay warm when in a winter environment, both when standing still or when moving. It will help your body regulate its temperature by wicking away moisture, thereby evaporating the sweat. This process prevents overheating and protects you from freezing because of body humidity.

 For hunting applications, it is also important to point out:

  • Merino wool has a natural antimicrobial characteristic which means NO SMELL
  • Merino wool inherently makes NO SOUND when flapping, rubbing etc...
  • Merino wool absorbs a very broad spectrum of UV radiation which means NO SHINE. This helps you to remain undetected. Furthermore, it offers a very natural protection from the sun