First Lite Camo Patterns

First Lite's camo patterns have been developed at a scientific level. First Lite patterns obliterate the human shape by utilizing a proprietary mix of nature-based algorithms in coordination with disruption and focal confusion techniques. Put more simply, the relationship between colors and shapes has been specially designed to fool the brain by resembling recurring patterns found in nature. Derived from the golden ratio found throughout the natural world, Specter™, Fusion™, and Cipher™ dissolve into their surroundings, unlike anything else.

Together with the team at First Lite we have decided to offer only the Fusion™ pattern in Europe at this point in time. Fusion™ is the most versatile and has become the most trusted pattern in breakup camouflage. From rocky and mountain terrain when hunting chamois to denser hardwoods forests when stalking deer, the Fusion™ pattern and color scheme are engineered to excel in a vast array of landscapes. Hunters virtually disappear into their surroundings at any distance – short or long – lending confidence and near-perfect stealth, whether in the trees or on an alpine ridge. 
Fusion Camo Pattern Woods
Fusion Camo Brush